Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Arrival Locator Lite on Sale just on time for Christmas

Loc8tor Lite Children, Pets and Personal Locator Lite Pack Tracking Device with two Homing Tags now on Sale!!!!!!

The Loc8tor Lite is the NEW award winning addition to our Loc8tor range that will help you find any of your lost or mislaid possessions.

"How I lived life without one I just don't Know!!" Natalie - Cirencester

This credit card sized device can be used to find almost anything which has a homing tag attached to it - keys, cameras, TV remotes, pets, mobile phones, wallets, purses or even the car and with the added convenience of being smaller enough to fit in a wallet:

  • Alzheimer or Elderly Family Members
  • Wandering Children
  • Lost Pets Prevention (cats, dogs, ferrets, and more) Stop playing hide and seek with your pet!
  • Personal Belongings (wallet, keys, camera, cell phone, PPC, and or anything else the tag part could be attached to..)
  • Place inside your car in large parking lots to find your car in seconds!

Unlike anything else currently available the Loc8tor’s audio and visual cues from the handheld point you in the right direction and will guide you to the exact location of the missing Tag / item whether it’s stuffed down the back of the sofa or left behind in a shop. It will literally take you minutes (even seconds) to find things that would normally have you hunting around for hours and maybe never found at all.

With amazing accuracy you will be guided to within an inch/2.5cm whether you are indoors or out, in complete darkness or in a noisy room.

To find your item, turn around in a full circle then walk in the direction of the strongest signal shown on the handheld – It’s as easy as that!!! More info here......