Monday, July 20, 2009

LOC8TOR Plus Pack - Locate your missing child, cat or dog!

Loc8tor Plus Child, Lost Pets, Wandering Children and Personal Belongings Locator with Distance Alert Alarm
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The instant your loved one wanders too far, the hand-held Locator will instantly notify you with loud beeping, vibration and directional guidance all at once. Loc8tor Child Locator gives parents piece of mind in a way that simply has not been possible before.
  • Keep track of up to 24 tags - Comes with 4 Tags
  • Set your safe distance and get an alert on violation
  • Easy To Set-Up And Use
  • Get Distance Alerts If Your Child Wanders
  • Easy Beep And Vibrate Directional Guidance
  • Tags Have 90-Day Battery Life- Track Up To 24 Tags
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Tag can work for up to three months on a battery
    • In Locate mode, audio beeps and the on-screen directional display, guide users quickly and easily to mislaid tagged items.
    • In Alert mode, an invisible safety zone can be set up around the Loc8tor (plus) alerting you with audio-visual and vibration alarms when tagged items are move out of the set boundary.

    Loc8tor Plus from is identical to BrickHouse Security Locator and has the same features and look but more affordable price. Please check FAQ for more details.

Perfect for special-needs children & everything else you care about, we help take the worrying off your shoulders by alerting you the second they wander. Not a moment too late. More in at


So Easy, Even A Parent Can Use It
As you get closer, the beeps get louder while the directional guides get stronger, letting you know you are moving closer to the tag and not further; helping you shorten the search for your wandering child. The convenient on-screen directional display and audio guidance leads you in the right direction the first time, quickly and reliably up to 600* feet away.

As an added precaution, a Panic Tag with new "click" technology is included for your child to press alerting you they feel in danger. With batteries lasting up to 90 days powered by Duracell, you know that The Loc8tor Child Locator will always be there when you need it most.

Use Anywhere: Indoors or Outdoors...Especially In Busy Places

We all know what it's like to turn your head for a fraction of a second and lose sight of your child. This is especially true in busy situations such as malls, camping, amusement parks, carnivals, or sporting events. Is your child hiding in that rack of clothes? The Loc8tor Child Locator is trusted to keep your family safe, anywhere, even in the most hectic environments.