Friday, March 19, 2010

Destinator 6 Brazil Edition Mapping Software for Pocket PC

Check out the award-winning Destinator is a full-featured GPS navigation system. Unlike GPS mapping systems that simply display your location, Destinator tells you where you are, and details how to reach your destination via the most direct route, with minimal hassle, in the least amount of time.


Device Type

Acer n50, n300, n30*, n35* (*please see the remarks about hardware performance above)

ASUS MyPal A620, MyPal A730, MyPal A632, MyPal A636

Bluemedia BM-6255, BM-6280

DELL Axim X30, Axim X3, Axim X3i, Axim X5, Axim X50, Axim X51, Axim X51v

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 410, 420, 610, 710, 720, N500, N520, N560

HP H1940**, hx2210, hx2110, hx2410, hx2750, rx3715, H4150, hx4700, H55xx, h63xx**, hx2190, hx2490, hx2790 ** Bluetooth only

i-Mate PDA2, PDA2k, JAM, K-JAM, JasJar

Mitac Mio 168, Mio 339, Mio 558

O2 - XDA II, IIi, IIs, mini, mini S, neo

Qtek 2020, 2020i, 9090, S100, S110, 9000, 9100, G100, S200

T-Mobile MDA II, III, Compact, Compact II, PRO, Vario

Toshiba e400, e800**, e830** ** only with cable or CF-Antenna

Vodafone VPA II, III, compact, compact II

Yakumo Delta 300, 300 GPS, Delta 400, Alpha GPS, DeltaX GPS

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GlobalSat TR-102 GPS Talkie Tracker/ Personal and Car Tracking Device

Reduced price on GlobalSat TR-102 GPS Talkie Tracker/ Personal and Car Tracking Device (GSM, SMS, GPRS) FREE 15 days Tracking Software Included.
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Personal GPS/GPRS Tracker

The GlobalSat TR-102 is a personal remote GPS positioning device, allowing remote user location transmitting an inquiry for coordinate information via SMS or with data sent via GPRS to a back-end call center.

TR-102 is also a GSM mobile phone with restrictions, which allow user to only make calls to only three pre-programmed speed-dial buttons. The TR-102 also can be set to have restriction for in-bound calls as well to be accepted from up to 10 pre-programmed numbers (or unlimited if the restriction is not enabled).

A separate SOS panic button will send an “SOS” code in the header of the GPS coordinates via SMS to three independent pre-programmed mobile numbers in the event of an emergency or to the back-end call center for processing.

With a small and compact form factor, the TR-102 is ideal for use with children who can have their calls limited to three assigned numbers and for the elderly who can make calls easy with a single push of a button without having to dial in numbers or read an LCD display. In both applications, the TR-102 allows for easy tracking of the users’ whereabouts and also provides a greater sense of security from having a one-button, silent SOS notification feature.

Other standard features include: low battery, GPS fix and GSM status LED’s

TR-101 has been approved by: CE, FCC and Canada 210.
The GSM module has been approved by:

If you do not want to purchase a mapping software or to pay for monthly fees on call center services, you could easily use free Google Earth mapping software to check the location of TR-102 (instructions on how to check TR-102's location with Google Earth will be included in TR-102's user manual).

Gooseneck Cup Holder Car Mount / Holder for Garmin Nuvi GPS

Cup Holder Car Mount / Holder for Garmin Nuvi GPS 200, 250, 265, 270, 300, 310, 370, 600, 610, 650, 670, 680 (GN033) is now available in Gooseneck version for your convenience.

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